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Voluntary Benefits Services

Carrier/Product Evaluation:

  • Goal is to help clients with the RFP procurement process in evaluating the various carriers' products, implementation process, enrollment support, ongoing service model (local versus home office), and post-enrollment backroom support.
  • Correspond with and understand carriers' product provision strengths/weaknesses
  • Negotiate pricing and compensation structure
  • Establishing carrier quoting expectations/guidelines
  • Attend finalist meetings

Communication and Enrollment Strategy:

  • Goal is to provide holistic, interactive, and educational communication to employees about their benefits programs
  • Drive employee awareness of and appreciation for current benefits programs
  • Increase employee-level attention and interaction that is meaningful and relevant (utilizing a variety of tools and resources that include group meetings, one one one educational sessions, call center support, mobile apps, etc)
  • Partner with employee engagement experts who can customize a culture-specific education initiative as well as educational and customized support from "hire to retire".
  • Offer the ability for end-user customers to partner with an organization that can operate as an extension of Human Resources (including annual and perpetual enrollment and new hire onboarding services)

Technology Assessment:

  • Goal would be to simplify administration of benefits for the employer, assist with establishing and maintaining ACA compliance, and seamlessly integrating with other third party systems
  • Technology needs and available platforms are rapidly changing. Some are good and some are not.
  • Evaluate platform capabilities (decision making support tools, Payroll/HRIS system connections, Time and Attendance Reporting, Employee Benefits portal, compliance services, etc.)
  • Determining what functionality an end user customer needs
  • Determining whether or not carriers have established feed capabilities
  • Understanding setup and ongoing fees